WriteStat alpha.

WriteStat gives you statistical feedback on your writing so that you can write better. We currently offer feedback on quotation usage, length of sentences, usage of "to be" verbs, and use of rhetorical questions. We are still in the earliest stages of this endeavor, so look out for new features in the near future!

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Average Quotation Length & Maximum Quotation Length

Get feedback on whether you can improve your usage of quotations to achieve better analysis and structure in your paper.

Average Sentence Length

Get feedback on whether you can make your sentences clearer, more coherent, and less ambiguous.

Percentage of Sentences with "To Be" Verbs

Get feedback on whether you can reduce the usage of passive voice and verbosity, while making your writing clearer.

Number of Rhetorical Questions

Get feedback on whether you are using too many rhetorical questions when it might be better to just get down to business and stay focused on your argument.